Help GaryEdit

Help Gary Russell in the Hole - Mission 14 - Bully Scholarship Edition

Help Gary Russell in the Hole - Mission 14 - Bully Scholarship Edition

Help Gary

Help Gary/Russel In The Hole is the last mission in Chapter 1. It is a two-parted mission, and when completed Jimmy earns 100% respect from bullies.

First Part (Help Gary) WalkthroughEdit

Jimmy finds Gary shaking like a sycopath infront of the couch in the Boys Dorm. When he spots Jimmy, he says he has "found something incredible" and runs off. Jimmy then follows Gary. Before entering the basement, he and Jimmy fight Davis, Ethan and Trent from The Bullies.

Then Gary proceeds to lead Jimmy through the School Basement. First Jimmy must push a button to make a door open. Gary then tempts Jimmy after he activates/opens a door every time. Secondly, he must jump into a cage and activate a switch. Thirdly, he must hit a broom through a smashed window with his slingshot. Finally, before fighting Russel in "The Hole", he must crawl through holes while Gary deactivates the electircal wires hanging overhead.

Finally, Gary leads Jimmy into the hole. He says this is where he "Stands Up" to Jimmy and then climbs out. He then tricks Russel into beleving that Jimmy has insulted him behind his back, about Russel's mother and some farmyard animals.

Final Part (Russel In The Hole) WalkthroughEdit


Russel Northop

Jimmy then begins to fight Russel. Some of the cliques (excluding towines, as they are not in Bullworth) which are Preps, Bullies, Nerds and Jocks are watching this fight. However, the Greasers are nowhere to be seen except if you look closley, you may rarely see only Johnny.

Once beating Russel, he asks Gary why he did it, as Russel lays beaten on the ground. Gary says it was because only he was going to make it to take over the School. He then says he will "See Jimmy Around."

Jimmy then helps Russel up, and nags him to stop bullying him, Petey, and other innocent kids as there are  "A bunch of kids who need a beating" and Russel is constantly picking on the ones that don't.

Russel then can be hired, and is a large part of the game. As well as this, Jimmy receives 100% respect from The Bullies Clique.