Fighting Johnny VincentEdit

Fighting Johnny Vincent is the final mission of Chapter 3 in Bully, and when completed, will earn 100% respect from The Greasers. It is the second part of the mission, The Rumble, and is where Jimmy must fight The Greasers leaderto prove he's tougher than them.
The Rumble Fighting Johnny Vincent - Mission 43 - Bully Scholarship Edition

The Rumble Fighting Johnny Vincent - Mission 43 - Bully Scholarship Edition


Jimmy defeats Peanut, and then thinks he has won The Greasers. But then Johnny appears, and says he is going to "Destroy Jimmy" because he turned against him, turned him into a laughing stock and stole his girl.

There is then a cutscene, were Johnny punches Jimmy to the ground. But then the police show up, and chase The Greasers while Johnny flees on his bike. Then, despite being beat up by Johnny, Jimmys health is full. He has a full trouble meter, and must outrun the cops on a bike. If the cops catch him, the mission is failed and restarts at the cutscene where Johnny beats up Jimmy.

When Jimmy has outrun the cops, he chases Johnny into The Junkyard. Johnny flies into it on his bike, but then Hal and another Greaser pull a chain across the end of the ramp leading to The Junkyard, making Jimmy roll into The Junkyard. Despite being thrown off his bike, his health is not affected.


Jimmy must take out The Greasers gaurding the crane. They have weak life bars and take the slightest hit from anything (excluding eggs) to be knocked out. Once they have been, Johnny rides around on his bike holding a lead pipe, chasing Jimmy and lunging at him with it. While this happens, Petey runs to the crane.

If Jimmy makes Johnny chase him under the crane, his bike will be magnetically picked up aswell as his pipe, and he will then fight Jimmy in hand to hand combat. Instead of grappling Jimmy, Johnny yanks his near then punches him to the ground.

When beaten, a cutscene plays and Jimmy tells Johnny "he was the daddy", forcing Johnny to say that Jimmy can have Lola for himself. When Jimmy says he dosen't want her and Johnny can keep her, Johnny is puzzled. Jimmy then explains he fought to prove he was tougher, and now they would stop picking on him and Petey.

After this mission, Jimmy receives 100% respect from The Greaser clique.